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Packaging Procedure
Experience Care... Even Before Moving
Our trained personnel visit your home 2-3 days before the actual packing date, in order to check out the volume of goods, the kinds of containers required, the easiest items to bring out of the house, requirement of any special equipment, where the vehicles can be parked for loading etc. All this is done to make sure that on the actual day, everything goes off quickly and with clockwork precision.
All Proof Packing
International quality packing material such as bubble wrap and stretch film is used to cover the household items so that they sit snugly together and don't jump and bump around in transit, resulting in damage. The covering also keeps out moisture and dust, which may be harmful for electronic items like TVs, Music Systems & Computers etc.
Tough Packing For Delicate Items
Knowing how precious your fragile porcelain figurines, crockery, chinaware, glass artifacts, paintings etc., are to you, we go to great lengths to cocoon them in complete safety for total protection. Strong solid plastic containers have been devised especially for such items, to ensure that even after bumpy rides, they arrive at the destination in immaculate condition.
Great Attention to Small Details
We make sure that no room is left for our customers to complain. Ingenious solutions have been developed even for small problems, which others tend to overlook. For instance, thermocol strips are used to cover the corners of glass-top tables and furniture to prevent damage and naphthalene balls, used to deter pests and rodents, are double wrapped in paper so that the strong smell doesn't pervade your belongings.
A Little Care Goes Long Way
We handle your valuable possessions with kid gloves. Extra precautions are taken for electronic equipment. For instance, refrigerators are unplugged and the water completely drained out a couple of days before packing; front loading washing machines are fixed with transit bolts to prevent the door from opening during the trip and getting damaged; corrugated sheets are used with the rough part outside and smooth inside to ensure against scratches.
Geared To Excel
We have the necessary expertise to pack and transport cars and two-wheelers with utmost care. Two-wheelers are packed only after emptying the fuel tank, as an added safety precaution. Wrapped in special imported sheets, the vehicles reach the destination with not a single scratch or dent on them.
Set Store by Us
Adding to out roaster of services are the warehouse facilities at all branches. Here, goods can be stored in a safe, protected environment till such time the customer is ready to take delivery.
Peace of Mind
We offer a platter of services to enhance customers' peace of mind: Standby trucks are on 24-hour call so that, even in case of any unforeseen emergency, the cargo reaches the destination on time. The truck has tamper-proof seals and locks, which guarantees that the cargo is not interfered with in any way along the journey. International standard packing materials and techniques are used for assured protection against natural elements.
Redefining Customer Service
Reaching major destinations nationwide.
Computerized and network branches.
Well-trained professionals to take care of all aspects-from pre-shifting to post-shifting.
Warehousing facilities.
24-hour Customer Care & Online tracking facility.
Standby trucks on 24-hour call.
International standard packing materials and techniques used for assured protection.
An all-India toll free number to provide assistance and information.
The Name That Inspires Trust

The name "Sree Hari Om Packers and Movers ™" inspires trust and stands for the best in the business.

Our ability to constantly innovate continuously along with enhanced services and facilities and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, makes us a strong contender to attain leadership status in this domain.